Tuesday, February 04, 2014

In the end, promises are meant to be broken

Have you ever went through a situation where someone has promised you something and then he/she/they break it? And your heart breaks. Breaking to pieces. And you know you are so sad. so sad until you don't know how to describe how sad you are. The saddest part is, you know that it hurts so much but then you have to pretend that you're okay and you're strong yet you still cry every night in your sleep. Sometimes, I have to kind of die inside in order to rise up from my ashes and believe in myself to become a new person. I'm too sad when I cried in my prayer asking Him to help me to throw the pain away so I can live and I wish that I don't know what pain is. Because the pain is killing me inside and I'm dying inside. I'm too disappointed, too sad, too fragile to handle the truth... I really don't know how to describe everything about it but this is what I feel when someone broke his/her/their promises they've made towards me. 

and I jumpa balik post lama I regarding this "kalau hati kita tak mampu nak bertahan, sedih kian merundum hati, pulang lah kita kepada yg Maha Pencipta. Dia yg mewujudkan perasaan dalam hati kita. Dia yg menentukan qada' dan qadar. mengadulah dekat Dia. He said 'Call upon Me and i'll respond to you' . minta kat Dia supaya dia dapat bagi kau kekuatan untuk hadapi semua ni" haa takkan tak cliche lagi? haha

p/s "The best part of moving on is you feel nothing at all. Nothing"

Well I'm looking forward to it

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