Monday, April 22, 2013


I just had a thought and I really really felt like writing it down. I mean I don't know who might read this. But I thought would be nice to share my thoughts hihi

Love isn't about having the same hobbies/interests with the one that we love. 
It isn't about being someone else or liking his/her likes to impress 'em or to make sure he/she sees you. 
Love isn't about sex. 
Love isn't about being perfect in front of your partner
Love is about being yourself. 
Love is about respect
Love is when there is many expressions to express and emotions to emote. 
Eventually love will never has its own meaning
Love is Love.

So I was just thinking. The meaning of love comes from the state of someone's mind and how they think. It depends on their choice because they are their own individual and they actually can control how they feel by changing their thinking towards something.

Cinta/Perasaan ni bukan jenis yg kita boleh buat main. Bukan untuk suka suka bagi harapan kat org lain lepastu tinggalkan dia. Bukan jenis yg kita boleh buat acuh tak acuh kesah tak kesah *it's the same kan? haha but this is about my thoughts on love. What about yours?

p/s lawa tak aku buat post ni acach warna warni? kekononnya highlight point hahah